Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hey Everyone,
I am pleased to announce that ALL the pics on this blog and any future uploads are now available for sale.
the available sizes are:
                                 4x6 - $10.00 for Black and White $15.00 for Colored
                                 5x7 - $15.00 for B&W $20.00 for Colored
                                8x10 - $20.00 for B&W $25.00 for Colored
The list of sizes will be added to the picture descriptions along with prices.
remember for any of the black and white pictures colored versions are available upon request.
If anyone would like to order an available print, or place an order for an original commission piece, either comment below the desired picture or contact me at

thank you

Monday, August 13, 2012

This was a one page comic I did as a quickie in one day, so please for give the sketchiness of some panels! any way this is a true story! it really happened one night with my cat.

 so tell me what you guys think.  also if you have any ideas for stuff you would like to see me blog about post  it in the comments! I love to get feedback! thanks guys have a great night!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fire Sprite

   I found this old drawing when I was reorganizing my studio, I had actually forgotten about it. Any way I thought I'd share it with you guys.
   Done on red construction paper with Prisima Color colored pencils. I Think this is one of my better attempts at fire! 
   Tell me what you guys think in the comments. thanks so much, have a blessed day!! :)
Print Prices: 4x6 - $15.00
                       5x7 - $20.00
                       8x10 - $25.00
*price includes shipping and handling.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Starry Knight

This was done as part of an art trade with a girl on Christian Manga, It is her original character. I was very excited to do this one! I based his wings off of The Merlin Falcon, because of the brown and white patterns.
Print Prices: 4x6 - $15.00*
                   5x7 - $20.00
                   8x10 - $25.00

*all prices include shipping and handling

Monday, April 25, 2011

Website Banner

This post is not designed as a tutorial! It is simply to show how I work from concept to completion. I hope you enjoy!

First I started out with a sketch on notebook paper to decide the look and most of the details.
After I got it to were I was happy with it, I inked the sketch.

Then, using a light box and clean paper, I inked the drawing on to drawing paper. then, because the web designer asked for a digitally colored image, I scanned it into the computer.

I then opened it with GIMP and began to block in the colors. this shows the boy with his skin, hair, and shirt finished. The girls skin is finished, but the hair is just blocked.

I continued playing with the color of the girls outfit until I got it to a point were I liked it. then I added the table top. I ran into a bit of difficulty with the lap top as I'm not the most technologically adept person in the world, but Google is a wonderful tool, so after using that I figured out how to manipulate GIMP to do what I wanted it to. but in the process I eliminated the word laptop from the picture, but I left the smiley face.

Then I transferred the picture to another "canvas" that was the right size for the website.

Finally, I added a background and the text and ... TA DA finished picture!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Big News

Hey Readers and occasional onlookers, I have BIG NEWS!!

The head moderator on a forum I'm on is working on a new lay-out for the site, and she wanted to feature some of the artists from the site. And she asked ME to do the piece for Screen tones! I'm floored!
I am also hoping to keep you all informed as it goes!
some prayers would be nice, and check back for a WIP (Work In Progress) on the art.

well that's all for now! *sorry no pictures this time.*

God Bless